I am so sorry it has been so long, I haven’t had as much time to write on here as I would have like but as you will be aware, I have now moved down to Portsmouth to complete an NCTJ Diploma in journalism. The first two months away from home has been interesting to say the least.

Having moved down here, it would be obvious that I wouldn’t know anybody. However, everyone on the course has been so open and friendly with one another that settling in has been very easy, and with Christmas coming up the secret santa has been set up and of course everyone knows who has who.

The range of personalities on the course is vast, with local lads with the knowledge of the area helping the people new to the area get used to our surroundings, which has been really helpful.

Nights out are also extremely fun from Dirty Discos at The Astoria, Sigma for just £5 and also S-Club on a Monday night at Liquid. Although, the best of the lot is gig reviews of Jamie Lawson, Calum Scott and Jamie T, for free at the Guildhall, talk about perks of a job.

I’ve even managed to get a slot on the college radio station JAMM radio. Doing this show alongside another member of my class has given me a lot more confidence, and I really enjoy it, being given the freedom to choose music that you like to listen to, and talk about topics that cause debates is amazing.  I have a lot of respect of Radio DJs on national radio station because of this reason because it isn’t easy. Yes, they have producers and a co-host but having to organise everything and work it into a time slot is extremely difficult.

Also, as you all know, it was halloween recently and it was my first night out in Southampton and it was great, Oceana Southampton is one of the best clubs that I’ve been to, with four different rooms and four different genres of music in each room, and of course I dressed up. I was the best looking dead cheerleader in the whole country.

Hopefully, between now and Christmas, I can have more articles published  and hopefully have some special guests on my radio show, including some X-factor contestants, but I shall not reveal anything until I am 100% sure it is happening.

I shall also be posting more photography soon, including a 30-day photography challenge next month.

That is all for now, thank you very much for reading and I shall be back soon. I promise

Bradley 🙂


Pictures: Ellie and Myself (left) , A group of girls and myself at an S-Club 7 concert (top right), Kira and Myself at S-Club (bottom right).