As many of my friends and family now know, I recently got accepted into both Wolverhampton and Highbury College (Portsmouth). I have chosen to go down to Portsmouth in order to study towards a NCTJ Diploma.

It hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys to this point, and that journey started around two years ago.

Friday September 19th 2014, The biggest mistake of my life. My Dad and Step-mum had gone away for two weeks and left me a free house. I’d promised them that I wouldn’t have a party or anything. But…….. I did, and it went wrong, really wrong.

Two days before they were due home, the small gathering I had arranged turned into a party in which over 100 people turned up. Yes, I was kicked out, and the trust that my step-mum and Dad had in me was now gone.

This led to a two year decline in my school life, and my home life, I got lazy, i started cruising through sixth form, I never reached my potential, and I still haven’t.

The friends that I have in my year group are now going away to universities, some with unconditional offers and others smashing out their revision, in order to meet grades for their conditionals. This means that I am now two years behind in terms of my level of education.

However, I am really happy with the career that I have chosen to go on. I am really looking forward to living in Portsmouth and the rooms at Highbury College are amazing.

I have three months left living in Bedford, the town that I was raised in, schooled in and only remember living in. I think that Portsmouth will provide a refreshing atmosphere for me, and Johnston Press is going to be a really interesting newsroom to work in.

I will update this journey in September when my course starts, and tell you all how I am setting in. Between now and then, however, I will be blogging about many things, including rugby, current affairs, what I have been doing and other things.

Thank you all for reading!