I shall be turning 18 in four weeks time, and it’s far to say my life has had some ups and some downs. Whether those ups and downs have been through my fault or not they have allowed me to realise many things, including who some of my real friends are and also where I should be.

So in this blog, I will be running through the Top 5 moments of my life so far. 

5) Leaving my colts rugby team to play open age rugby.

Having played for both my colts side and the open age team for a few weeks alternately, I was contemplating whether or not to leave my colts side and couldn’t decide for the life of me.

My decision ended up being made by my colts coach. I had broke my wrist in for the second time in three years during a training session, and I was to be out of action for at least 6 weeks (ended up being 8). Once I was fully fit and ready to return to playing, I told my colts coach that I was ready and felt fresher than ever. His response was “That’s good to hear Bradley, however I’ve found a good balanced squad and don’t want to change much so you won’t be playing in many of the big games”. I return home that night and looked down the fixture list, over 75% of the remaining fixtures were to be big games.

The next week I returned to training at the open age club and played a few second team fixtures and within a month I was playing first team adult rugby for Bedford Swifts RUFC, and what makes this even better is that I was playing alongside my dad in this first team and did so for the rest of the season.

4) My girlfriend breaking up with me.

Yes, really, this is number 4 in my top moments so far. This was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life as the first girl I fell in love with, sent me the dreaded ‘we need to talk’ text. The following day we didn’t talk at all and I knew something was up. When I finally managed to get her to talk to me, and she broke up with me, I was devastated and wrote a few songs (yes they were bad) and couldn’t be bothered to do anything, and I even went to my step-mum to be consoled. However, that break-up made me find myself, and made me who I am today and be a person who lives by a motto of ‘Id someone doesn’t like me then who cares?’, is this a good way to live? I think so, because it allows you do want you want, to an extent, and if people who don’t know you don’t like it then it doesn’t matter because they probably aren’t that important to you, and those who are important won’t mind that much because they know who you really are.

3)Playing rugby at Twickenham Stoop!

When you are 13 years of age you only dream of playing rugby at a proper stadium, but one weekend I got the opportunity to do this when my junior rugby league side where invited to play in a 9-a-side tournament at the home of Harlequins R.L(now London Broncos) and Harlequins R.U. This day was amazing, although the ground wasn’t packed out there were scouts and players there as well as coaches from other teams, watching us play. All this came before a match between Harlequins R.L and Wigan Warriors. Although I got knocked out on the the pitch, I must have played well as I was selected to got to Midlands trials the following season, which ended up in me playing a game for East Midlands against the West Midlands, for the age group above. This ended up being the worst game of rugby I’ve ever played but it gave me the belief in that I could go further.

2) Joining the Scouts.

When I joined the scouts, I had no idea what on earth it was. I was 10 years old and I just went along because my mum thought it would be a good idea. 8 years later, I have made many friends through the movement both UK based as well as abroad. Having made over 50 friends through scouts from places such as Glasgow,Kent,Surrey and even Reykjavik. Having visited the Netherlands twice and Iceland once it has also allowed me to see some absolutely amazing sites such as Fjords,Waterfalls,Museums,Canals and great architecture. I just wish I could have gone to Japan last summer.

1) Going to BSF to study A-levels.

This is at number 10 on my list because although I went to Bedford Sixth Form to study for my A-Levels, I didn’t realise how many friends I would make whilst I was there. I left a school where I knew all the teachers extremely well and also had a solid base of friends and went to start my AS levels at a college where I knew less than 20 people, some of the people I knew going there were; my girlfriend at the time(more on her later); a friend from my explorer scout unit, and a handful of school friends who moved there too.

However, within 2 weeks I was part of a ‘The Sofa Group’ who were hated by most of the college because there were so many of us. We were a nutty bunch who were not part of the social norms, we had no Jocks, no Nerds, No Emos, we were all individual people with individual talents.

By the end of the school year, the group must have contained around 40-50 people, and around  8 different couples. Joining this group made me feel more confident in myself and allowed by to talk to different types of people and be myself.

Also at BSF, I made some lifelong friends through my Geography class, one such girl, if she reads this she knows who she is, lets call her Rose Bracknell. I’d never met her before in my life, didn’t know who she was for a while but then we were placed next to each other in class and we had in instant connection because we laughed and joked about how ridiculous the class became and we have spent some amazing times together. The fact we had a mutual friend in NB, my explorer buddy, made our friendship great, and even now, nearly two years later, I would call her my best friend, even if she did miss a few things.

Those are the top five moments of my life so far, this list will change as I get older I’m sure but as a child who is looking forward to starting his life properly in September the most important thing for me so far has been friendship, make as many true friends as possible, you don’t want fake ones.

That’s all for now. Thank you.

Bradley 🙂